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Emergency Gas Leak Detection & Repair
Do not waste another second if you smell gas turn off any electrical appliances and leave the building immediately. Call 911 to notify them of the issue, and your gas company to turn off your gas. Then once the immediate danger is resolved call (316) 682-4034 to find the root cause of your gas leak and to have it repaired. We have professional plumbers and technicians on call 24/7 for your convenience and safety.
Woman Checking for Gas Leak — Gas Leak Repair in Wichita, KS

Gas Leak Detection & Repairs

Butler Plumbing & Restoration can detect and repair and gas leak, quickly and efficient. A gas leak requires immediate attention and can pose serious danger to you, your home, and your family. If you smell gas and suspect a leak, call your gas company, and then call us immediately at (316) 682-4034 for immediate action. We will immediately come to your property and:
  • Test Your Gas Line
  • Repair the Gas Leak
  • Retest for Further Leaks
  • Arrange For Permit and Inspection From City
We work hard for you to ensure that your gas is restored and safe as soon as possible.
Call Butler Plumbing & Restoration at (316) 682-4034 to Schedule Your Plumbing Service